Water Taxi Campbell River

Northern Scheduled Taxis 

Year Round: Monday 9am & Friday 12pm

Late May - Mid Sept: Wednesday 12pm

July & August: Mon, Wed & Fri

Departs: from Campbell River

Stops include: Stuart Island, Read Island, Frederick Arm, East Thurlow Island, Dent Island, Maurelle Island, Shoal Bay, Hemming Bay and most locations between

Rates: $80.00 per person plus applicable taxes
           $50.00 minimum freight charge

*The following destinations are $100.00 per person, if multiple people the rate is $80.00 per person and freight minimum is $75.00: Shoal Bay, Frederick Arm, Hemming Bay.


NEW! Southern Scheduled Taxis - July 1 to Labour Day

Departs: from Campbell River - Tues. and Sat. at 9am

Stops include: Lund, Savary Government dock, Refuge Cove, Cortez Bay, Mansons Landing, Hernando, Bliss Landing and most locations between

Rates: $70.00 per adult & $50.00 per child plus applicable taxes