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2023 Updated Savary Island, Hernando Island and Manson's Landing schedule.

Scheduled runs beginning June 30th, 2023 running until September 4th, 2023.

Departing Campbell River: 

Monday 3:00pm

Friday 5:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm

Departing Savary Island Government Dock  / Hernando Island / Manson's Landing

Monday 4:00pm

Friday 6:00pm

Saturday 1:00pm

Sunday 1:00pm

NOTE: Timing on return is approximate and might differ by 15-30 minutes, depending on the amount of stops we may have beforehand.

Rate: $80.00 per adult plus applicable taxes, $55.00 per child under 12 plus applicable taxes

         *Reservations are required for all scheduled taxis

Baggage/freight limit of 100 pounds per person, freight over 100lbs will be subject to a $60 extra charge for up to 200lbs.

Trips may be cancelled/delayed due to weather limitations beyond our control

Dogs are welcome on our scheduled runs!

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